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Carpet-Tile Grout-Pebble Tec

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Carpet Tile Pebble Tech Cleaning done right
Jim himself and Joe.  We do it the way the manufacturer recommends.  Our tried and true solutions will will restore your carpet to original Clean,  BABY FRESH  with no residue,we remove our solutions with the dirt.  You can walk on it right away  


Pet Odor Repairs

We restore the carpets dignity, pride 
We get your pet out of the dog house
Urine Stain Removal

Dog hair rotary scrubbing
Cat Urine Odor Repairs




Dog Oil removed using our Propane Burners to melt the oil and remove it.





Carpet Protectors

Free Treatment on all furniture cleaning we do
Add years to your furniture and carpets life
Recommended at 2, 4 and 6 years of age.
Lubricates carpet for effect vacuuming.
Protects for ultra violet radiation.
Seals & protect Carpet from Stains.
Static electricity.




Pebble tec floor cleaning

Pebble Tec Cleaning

Cleaned with odor reducing methods
Proper cleaning solution application
We prevent microbial growth.
90 horsepower vacuum cleaner

We dry the floors using Turbo blowers.

We try to avoid odors by using the proper Method, Solution,
and our Massive Vaccums


Tile Grout Cleaning - Copy (2)


Tile Cleaning & Sealants

As clean as when it was installed.
Easy Maintenance
Beautiful Restoration
Dry before we are finished
Grout Cleaned to like new color.

We recommend penetrating sealants 



We clean commercial carpets


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Available Sunday and Odd Hours
We give onsite Estimates.
Powerful Equipment
Cleaning Teams


House Cleaning Service Company

Ken & Vicky’s House Keeping Maids.
They personally supervise their crews using their proven house cleaning methods. A complete cleaning while paying attention to details, corners & edges.




why Jim is different raw horsepower

See us build one here.



Nissan 90 Horse power Truck mounts. The most powerful in our area.
Our powerful machines are impressive. You have to look hard on the market to find a carpet cleaning machine this powerful.We don’t use lawn mower engines.  





Dear past customers!
We appreciate and value you greatly.Your trust means everything to our success.
If there is ever a question, call us.
We will come back.