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Carpet Cleaning, Restaurant, Offices, Churches, Schools

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We Serve Visalia, Tulare, Hanford, Porterville, Kingsburg and surrounding areas


Schools, Restaurant, Office, Church Carpet Cleaning.

Drys in a few hours, Can walk on it immediately.

Our proven Green Solutions, sanitize the carpet leaving no dirt attracting soap residue.

We use Steam when cleaning, the smaller molecule, goes deeper into the fiber.

We follow the Carpet Mill’s “Mohawk’s” cleaning recommendations. We also offer all kinds of carpet repairs that other companies don’t.

Pebble tec floor cleaning

We clean using boiling solution.

We offer rotary scrubbing for large jobs.

To avoid odors as best as possible….We us propane generated steam cleaners, We use proper cleaning solution application, 90 horse powered vacuum, and then turbo blower dry. 

We go the extra mile to get this right.

This is one of our customers favorite services


(not for armstrong flooring)

We Roto-Scrub floors w/boiling wax stripper. Stripping old wax is labor intensive. Stripping old wax, it dries quick so we have to work fast.

We triple rinse or use the truck mount. Effective rinse means crystal clear wax protectant.

We Turbo blower dry the floor to receive wax. We then apply a high quality floor finish Zep metal interlock, self-leveling acrylic floor finish wax.

We leave it looking beautiful with a durable acrylic shine.

How often it should be done, depends on desks, and traffic

Tile Grout Cleaning - Copy (2)


As clean as when installed. Beautiful restoration.

Grout restoration is labor intense, scrubbing of each grout line individually. We use special methods & Brushes. We hand scrub with boiling grout cleaner a solution designed for tile alone.

We Seal grout, this can save money over the years. Grout sealants protect from dirt, and sticky stuff making it easy to just wipe up or mop. We offer free re-sealants after 3 tile cleanings

Those round wands you see are for begginers who don’t know what they are doing… A beautiful job is all in the scrubbing. Clic on the pic and you will see what I mean…. hahahahaa.


We clean commercial carpets

Free onsite estimates any time. For businesses, we work weekends and odd hours.

We clean offices for: doctors, dentists, lawyers, realtors, churches, schools, ect. We Turbo blowers dry the carpet quick.

We us propane generated steam cleaners that cuts through cooking grease. We have plenty of hose and can go up multiple story high rise.


House Cleaning Service Company

Ken & Vicky….They personally supervise their team.

They are full service. They offer  Complete office cleaning. They clean fan blades. Really…. they don’t mess around… Their 5 woman crew, works hard, is quick and does big jobs. After 20 year of service they know what to do.

Water Damage Emergency Clean-Up & Dry-Out Company

Carpet Maintenance

Live Steam Generators clean deeper and is gentle to the fiber Recommended cleaning procedure by the manufacturer NOTE: use of rotary bonnet or any other type of Rotary machine for cleaning is not recommended and may void the carpets warranties.

There are many factors that can affect the appearance of carpet including color, pattern, yarn fiber (nylon or polyester), and of course maintenance. Maintenance is important because a routine carpet maintenance program can preserve and maintain your floor covering and extend the life of your carpet investment.

Routine maintenance program includes daily care such as Vacuuming and spot cleaning, in addition to interim and periodic restorative cleaning by hot water extraction. Excessive soiling and stains may require that different methods, or a combination of methods, be utilized.

  •  Soil Control containing the soil entering the building using walk-off mats at entrances.This includes outside matting, inside matting and mats at certain other high traffic interior areas. Ideally, walk-off mats cover about 15 steps. Ask Jim or Joe for more information.
  • Vacuuming & broom the wall edges to prevent permanent filter dust  buildups
    removing dry soil matter. Regular vacuuming is the single most important part of a carpet maintenance program.
  • Spot and Spill Removal
    quick response to spills is the key. The faster spills are dealt with the less chance that they will become stains.
  • Interim Cleaning – used regularly, interim cleaning can put off the need for restorative cleaning.
  • Restorative Cleaning Call us.
  • Deep cleaning designed to remove trapped soils. Hot water extraction is the most effective method and the only restorative method recommended by the manufacturer
  • Identifying Your Specific Maintenance Needs

Just as various areas of your office or building are subject to different uses, each area demands a different level of maintenance and floor care. Heavily trafficked areas such as entrances and
corridors require more frequent vacuuming and cleaning. Areas around vending machines and desks need daily attention to spills and stains. Also certain areas may require different types of equipment to be used. A comprehensive maintenance program should have a chart or diagram of the building’s floor
space outlining proper cleaning frequency rates, methods and equipment. Implementing a well designed
maintenance plan can add years of useful life to your carpet investment.

Spot Cleaning Treating Water-Based Spots

For liquid spills, start by blotting up as much of the liquid as possible with a clean white cloth. If the spill is semisolid or has hardened, gently scrape it with a spoon or spatula and then blot the spot with a damp cloth. Always work from the edge of the spot towards the center. Never rub across a wet spill in a manner that causes the stain or contamination to be spread from the original area. If spot remains after using water, refer to our spotting guide and choose the appropriate solution. Apply a minimal amount of solution to a clean white cloth and blot the solution. Rinse with water and allow the area to dry about 1 hour and then vacuum. Repeat the application if necessary. Protect the freshly cleaned area until the carpet is completely dry. Do not brush aggressively on the spot. Never add water or any cleaning solution to dog poop because it drives it deep into the pad

Treating Oil-Based Spots

When removing oily stains such as paint, grease, tar, asphalt, always check for color fastness by applying your cleaning solution to an inconspicuous area of the carpet. Spray or pour the solvent onto a white cloth and press / blot it onto the carpet. Check the cloth for any evidence of dye transfer to the cloth. If color transfer is evident, do not use the solution. If colorfastness is not a problem, apply your solution sparingly to a clean white cloth and press the cloth onto the spot.Again, do not rub across the stain, but blot gently from the outer edge toward the center of the spot. Repeat

Never add water to dog poop or urine, it causes permanent odors

Water drives the poop into the backing of the carpet causing  permanent odors.  The good news is we can get it out completely.  Just Scrape up what you can, throw a towel over it and call a professional.

Water Damage Emergency Clean-Up & Dry-Out Company